Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Stainless Steel Type  
YT-1050 Electro Pneumatic Positioner
Stainless Steel Type
Rotary Type  
YT-1000R Electro Pneumatic Positioner
Rotary Type
EP Positioner (Linear type)  
YT-1000L Electro Pneumatic Positioner
EP Positioner (Linear type)
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EP Converter
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YT-940 I/P Converter
Posted On Feb 26,2014
YT940 I/P Converter accurately provides equipments with relevant air pressure, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from the controller. High..
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Electromechanical positioners are conventional pneumatic positioners that have an additional integrated electro-pneumatic transducer. The transducer receives the DC analogue input signal from the control system and converts it to a proportional pneumatic signal which is then sent to the conventional positioner Almost every pneumatic positioner has the option of adding an integrated electro-pneumatic transducer. This option allowing customers to upgrade their existing control technology while continuing to use their current reliable Fisher positioner technology they are comfortable and familiar with